Marion Gray

Fiddle, vocals
Soaring from heart-wrenching tones to furious articulation, Marion’s fiddle playing is a delight to behold. Touring the UK and US as a teenager with Shetland’s Young Heritage, after learning fiddle from Dr Tom Anderson, formed her musical upbringing. This was followed by six years of extensive world tours and festivals with folk-punk band Neck; a broad exploration of Scottish folk with Sonsiefolk;  new writing as King Orfeo; and guest spots on albums by The Porters and Joe Purdy. She’s pretty handy with a lino cut.

Polly Hunt
Vocals, dancing, shaky things
Outside of Long Lankin, Polly mainly sings Bulgarian and Georgian folk music. She has been in the London Bulgarian Choir for eight years, performing around the UK and on two tours to Bulgaria. Singing with the choir has also led her to be involved in some weird and wonderful events including collaborating with Doves for the BBC Electric Proms, recording alien sounds for Halo 4, and singing in Westminster Abbey to celebrate the anniversary of the founding of the EU. Polly sings backing vocals for the Kate Bush tribute band, Cloudbusting, and does a really good impression of an ostrich.

_31A2190-laura-radford-london-headshot-photographerTanya Jackson
Guitar, vocals
You’d be hard-pushed to find a more diverse musical CV than Tanya’s, which includes the Mediaeval Baebes; acid folk-rockers Galley Beggar, 70s soul-popsters
T Mandrake, guitar duo Woodlarks, the London Bulgarian Choir and the Greek neo-classical group Daemonia Nymphe. Tanya loves writing for voices, leading workshops in harmony and composition, putting on folk nights and dreaming up new interpretations
of existing folk repertoire. An Anglo-Swede, her love of Scandinavian folklore means her husband shares their house with trolls, tomtes and goblins.



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