Buy the new 12 track album ‘All Seven Stars’ on CD
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All Seven Stars cover

Long Lankin’s first full length album All Seven Stars represents an exciting new time for the band, reflecting the influences and heritage of each band member.  Expect ancient languages, new original songs and dynamic tunes.


Buy the 5 track EP ‘In the Moss’ on CD with handprinted sleeve
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Long Lankin’s debut In the Moss exhibits wonderful vocals and intricate instrumentation. It is a finespun collection of mostly traditional songs and tunes.” Bright Young Folk

This EP features five beautifully crafted songs and tunes, presented in a hand-printed sleeve – lovingly designed, lino-cut and printed by the band themselves.  In the Moss features special guests Mark Garfield on drums and percussion, and Melanie Powell on viola.

Click here to read Bright Young Folk’s full review

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