All Seven Stars:

“Their new album is a really nice mix of trad tunes, trad songs and original songs with plenty of character”
Mark Radcliffe, The Folk Show, BBC Radio 2

“Wonderful harmonies, fine musicianship. Lovely stuff.”
Mike Harding

“This is a band that’s maturing nicely and fulfilling lots of its early promise. See them live and keep them on the watch list.”
Bright Young Folk, 2016

“If Long Lankin set out to put their musical and vocal CV down on an album then they have succeeded admirably. This debut is a fascinating and eclectic collection of songs and tunes which show the listener how diverse the bands’ talents and how wide ranging their interests in music are.”
Folk All music blog


In The Moss:

“Long Lankin is a trio with a huge breadth of experience that shines through their debut EP, In The Moss. Five contrasting traditional songs and tunes – this is excellent stuff”
R2 (Rock n Reel) magazine

“Love, love, love your EP In The Moss”
Cerys Matthews, BBC 6Music

“Beautiful voices… and they do interesting things with them”
Mike Harding

“Wonderful vocals and intricate instrumentation… Long Lankin are definitely ones to watch”
Bright Young Folk, 2013

“Excellent three-part vocal harmonies and inventive instrumental arrangements. Staves and First Aid Kit fans seeking something more trad should investigate with haste.”
fRoots magazine


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